10 Valentines day gift ideas for dog lovers: 2021 stay-at-home edition

by Doodle-Dogs.comJan 11th, 2021

Valentines day is just around the corner, and you're looking for the perfect gift for your dog-lover of a partner. We got you! We scoured the web to find the cutest gifts for both humans doggos to celebrate Valentines day 2021.

dog puppy valentines day gifts

A cute card

Say "I love you and your love of dogs too" with a cute puppy-themed valentines day card.

An festive outfit for their pet

Forget lingerie, make your girlfriend or boyfriend really laugh by getting them a love-holiday-themed dog costume.

A cute dog bandana

Who doesn't love free kisses? We like this pick because you get two bandanas in one! Keep one for your dog and give the other to their doggy valentine.

A cute dog tshirt

Get her something that makes her smile and looks pretty darn cute this Valentines day, like this cute and perfect-for-the-season dog tshirt.

Decorate your space

Nothing says "I've been thinking about you" like taking time to set up a vibe or experience. Check out these cheesy-but-cute hanging hearts as an idea to jazz up your stay-at-home Valentines day. They even double as a backdrop to take photos of your pup looking cute in their Valentines Day outfit afterward!

Get chocolates for all

Don't just get your dog mom or dog dad chocolates this year, get some for the pup as well. No no, I don't mean actual chocolate, but how cute is this adorable box of chocolates burrow toy? Seriously!

Fancy dog treats

Speaking of chocolates and treats, look at these gorgeous dog treats! Treat yourselves to candy-heart-sprinkled donuts and your dog too.

Hugs and kisses

Bone toys are a classic! Opt for this plush version in the seasons most festive color.

Pop some bottles

Rosé is the perfect Valentines day drink (ok so is champagne, red wine, white wine, honestly anything — its 2021, we all deserve a drink). Share the love with your pet as well with this super cute dog toy that converts any water bottle into a fun crunchy toy without leaving little bits scattered all over your house. Our dog loves this toy because he loves to crunch on empty water bottles.

Wishing you a loving and joy-filled Valentines day at home! Hopefully these gift ideas can liven-up your spirits and make your partner and pupper smile.