Recommended Supply List for New Doodle Dog Owners

by Doodle-dogs.comDec 20th, 2020

Here is our ongoing list of new puppy essentials. Get everything you need to welcome your doodle puppy into your family.

Puppy Essentials

  1. Bitter Apple Spray: Your new puppy is still learning what's acceptable to chew on and what isn't. Spray this on any surface you don't want nibbled on (such as chair legs and coffee table corners, or even plants that your puppy might reach).
  2. Dog Odor Neutralizer: Accidents are bound to happen, and when they do, you'll want to clean it up and neutralize the odor as fast as possible. Why? Dogs will start to eliminate in places they've already gone, as they learn their "potty spot," so you don't want any lingering odors where its not desirable.
  3. Snuggle Puppy: Our dog absolutely loved his snuggle puppy. Ask your breeder if she will let the snuggle puppy hang out with the full litter and Mom so that it picks up the reassuring scent of what your puppy is already familiar with to help it transition into your home.
  4. Puppy Sling: When your puppy is small (under 4 months), and is yet to be fully vaccinated, you won't want to be putting it on the ground (especially in more crowded locales). But it is important to socialize your puppy and get it accustomed to the sights and sounds of the world. Meet: the puppy sling. This will help you carry your dog around with you. The one linked goes up to 20lbs (which is on the large range that I've found).
  5. Doggy Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Get your puppy acclimated to getting their teeth brushed at a young age to avoid expensive and lengthy dental cleaning procedures as they age.
  6. Burts Bees Dog Ear Cleanser: Doodles are particularly susceptible to ear infections, as they tend to have curly hair that retains moisture around their ears. Prevent ear infections with this excellent cleanser.
  7. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar: Another breeder favorite/recommendation, we've found these flea and tick collars to work really well.
  8. Foldable Metal Pet Playpen: Absolutely essential if you play on getting any work done from home while you have a new puppy around.
  9. Solid Dog Crate: We bought the 36" for our 35lb goldendoodle. This crate comes with a nice divider to make it smaller while the puppy is growing.
  10. Crate Pad: Some comfort for your dog in their crate.
  11. Biodegradable Poop Bags: Well, this is definitely an essential, and the ones linked here don't harm the planet as much as traditional plastic poop bags.


Doodle dogs require a lot of grooming! Be prepared for spending hours each week brushing and maintaining that coat. Here is what we use every day:

  1. Slicker Brush: A slicker brush is what you'll be using for your daily brushing. Invest in a good one (trust us!). This one is highly recommended.
  2. Dematting Comb: This Safari comb is the absolute best one we've used! Use it to get out tough matts.
  3. Metal Comb: This recommendation came straight from our groomers: get your dog used to brushing and get out their knots with this metal comb. Is it getting stuck? They may have a knot.


  1. Clickers: We clicker trained our dog as a puppy and it helped a LOT. Clicker training helps dogs pinpoint exactly what behavior you're looking for, and helps them learn basic manners much faster. Have a few of these around your house.
  2. Easy-Walk Harness: This style of harness is highly recommended by our breeder. Trust me, you won't regret it. It steers the dog's head to prevent pulling, and is a valuable lesson to learn for the pup.
  3. Zuke's Mini Naturals Treats: We love these and so does our dog! Small, portable, low-calorie, easy-to-find, and delicious!
  4. Solid Leash: This is great, solid, weighty leash that gives you a lot of grip and control.

Treats and Toys

  1. DreamBone Twist Sticks: Our dog goes wild for these, and we love that they're rawhide-free!
  2. Small Squeaky Balls: Use these for playtime and for training time. Our dog is obsessed with small squeaky balls. Yours likely will be too.
  3. Nylabone Puppy Chews: Dogs love to chew, and will definitely need an outlet for teething. Give your pup something that is okay to chew on and highly rated!

Now buy something for yourself while you're at it!