The Best Dog Gifts on Amazon for the Holidays 2022 (Our Top 10)

by Doodle-Dogs.comNov 7th, 2022

With the holidays around the corner, get the dog and dog lovers in your life something truly special. There's so many great options out there so we're rounding up our top 10 Amazon Dog Gifts that we know our dog loves and yours will too!

labradoodle with santa

Most of these gifts are available on Amazon Prime, so they're perfect for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift with speedy delivery!

01. Interactive Gingerbread House Toy

Our dog loves these sorts of puzzles! And this one is extra cute and festive with a gingerbread theme. I love it and it has other options too!

02. It's corn!

Get your meme on with this funny squeaky toy to commemorate this year's favorite TikTok Meme: the Corn song.

03. All-in one festive gift basket

What a better way to make it look like you put in a lot of effort to curate a gift basket without actually putting in all the effort to curate a gift basket than ordering one on Amazon Prime? (Nobody has to know).

This one has it all, is highly rated, and is at a super reasonable price.

04. This top-pick long gator toy

This is actually our dog's favorite toy (the XXL). We've ordered more than one at this point and he still loves them! Sometimes he'll bring us two at a time to play with.

This toy as over 11,500 ratings(!) and sits at 4.5 stars. That says something!

05. Communication buttons

Teach your dog something new this holiday season with these self-recorded press-to-speak buttons. (Have you seen Bunny!?) We love Bunny!

06. Festive Bottle Crushers

If your dog loves playing with water bottles, they'll love these crinkle bottle toys! In this set we're got the festive edition:

  • Santa's Schnapps
  • Elf Nogg
  • and Reindeer Beer

07. Tiffany Inspired Dog Toy

Get fancy this holiday season with a Tiffany-inspired dog toy. This dog toy has a fun surprise inside. This one is great for your partner or pampered pooch.

08. Festive Interactive Treat Toy

Hide a treat in this festive reindeer interactive treat toy and let your dog work for it a bit! There are actually four festive variants of this toy:

  • Reindeer
  • Snowman
  • Santa
  • Turkey for thanksgiving

All are equally cute :)

09. Christmas Popper tug toy

Another crinkle toy that snap, crackles, and pops! This one is really cute because it looks like a Christmas popper. Why not let your dog join in on the fun, too?

10. Gingerbread pet collar and bow tie set

I love, love, love this pink bow tie and collar set. This is a great one to get in advance so your pup can rock the holiday season and look the part.

There are a variety of options here, including more masculine festive options as well as flowers instead of bows (but we like this collar/bow combo best).

We hope you like our convenient and cute Amazon Holiday 2022 Dog Gift Guide. Follow us for more and don't miss our favorite dog ornaments!

dog sitting outside of a festive home